Dr. Bennett is a speaker, thought leader, and workshop facilitator on generational differences, future trends, employee engagement, and workplace effectiveness.

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Generational Values

There appear to be differences in the values, beliefs, and opinions between different generations of people.

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Communicating Across Generations

One of the keys to better intergenerational communication is a willingness to teach and learn. Because all generations differ in their preferences, there will come a time when each will have to use a less familiar method.

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Generational Stereotypes

The category of a generation is developed into a stereotype when someone starts associating an individual person with the generalization of a group of people.

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About Dr. Bennett

Leading & Engaging Multigenerational Workforces

For ten years, Marcia Bennett, Ph.D. has focused on generational diversity exploring differences in characteristics, communication styles, values, career goals, turnover intention, and leadership preferences among traditionalists, baby boomers, gen Xers, millennials, and gen Z.

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