Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Fixed: The same, limited, doesn’t change

Growth: constantly evolving, changing

Mindset: how you think and believe

A fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset is not a new topic- but it is well worth discussing. Your mindset determines not only the way you think but influences what you believe and more importantly what you do. Your mindset affects how you act upon your thoughts and beliefs.

Therefore, if you possess a fixed mindset, you tend to believe things will always be the same and never change. If you possess a growth mindset, you believe in the saying that “This too shall pass.”

In life, some people are forced to adopt a growth mindset as a result of living with a fixed mindset and not seeing or experiencing optimal results.

Yet, some people are wired to have a fixed mindset, and thus struggle to develop a growth mindset.

Throughout life, we will all face numerous challenges, and the only way to supersede the previous one is to have a growth mindset. When you adopt a growth mindset, you constantly challenge yourself to do better and be better. You push yourself outside of your comfort zone and you make decisions that will move you forward, not backward. The whole growth mindset stems from the concept of progress over stagnation.

If you read the post from last week, I am sure you will see the correlation between those who have a “perfectionism mentality.” Usually, the perfectionist has a fixed mindset, even though they have convinced themselves they have a growth mindset. Perfectionists will only stretch so far out of a fear of failure. Therefore, that is still within the realm of a fixed mindset. 

Yet, the growth mindset allows you to make progress and strive for a change instead of relying on continuity for comfort.

The challenge for this week is to think of two ways in which you can adopt growth mindset principles and strategies.

Leave a comment below stating the two principles you will implement to GROW, EXPAND, and MULTIPLY.

Until next time,