Make It Happen

“It is not enough to want to win at the game of life; you must have a strategy to win. Athletes don’t just perform, they train to perform at a higher level. Similarly, in the game of life you need tools and techniques in order to really perform at a higher level and win. This is what I have decided to share with you in this book. I have devised 21 ways that, when implemented, will guarantee that you win at the game of life.

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“The mind is currency and the way you spend it is by using your thoughts in exchange for ideas.”

“You cannot up level by doing the same thing at your current level.”

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Most people will give you a hundred tips on how to become organized, but not advise you on how to stay organized. Throughout this workbook, you will find useful exercises to help you declutter your life, get organized, and get clear on what is valuable to you and your family.

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What People Are Saying

“Bennett is particularly good at providing tips that will increase your own self-assurance while also improving the perception that others will have of you.”

“This book introduces you to a new perspective about stepping out with confidence in order to achieve the outcome you desire. ”

“Finally had a chance to read this book and I love it- such a motivator!”